'About a Boy' Review: "About a Kiss"

Of this year's new comedies, "About a Boy" has the most heart. Being a Jason Katims production, that comes as no surprise, and neither does the appeal of the show's lead, David Walton ("New Girl").

"About a Boy" has an incredibly appealing cast, but its biggest strength is in its leading man. Walton has been on his fair share of failed network sitcoms, but he's never not been good. In "Boy," his character's man-boy persona is aggravating at times, but works because Walton comes with a charisma that makes his chemistry with fellow cast members all the more apparent. You can also sense he really wants this show to work, and for the most part, it is.
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'Community' Recap: The Art of the TV Finale Challenged

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Greendale is saved, but will "Community" be swallowed up by the notorious Cancellation Bear?

Last night’s “Basic Sandwich” may well have marked the end of a series run that exceeded all expectations.  But it certainly did not disappoint.

ICYMI: Jeff Winger (Joel McHale) and company saved their school from the wrath of Subway Sandwich Corporation. If you ask Abed (Danny Pudi) though, he’ll tell you he was saving the world from a Jeff and Britta spin-off destined to fail.
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‘Parenthood’ Recap: Bravermans Will Always Find a Place to Call Home

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Should last night’s episode of "Parenthood" double as our series finale, I will be wholly satisfied. In “The Pontiac,” new and old romances helped shape a brighter future for the entire Braverman-Graham-Holt family following a fairly darker season.
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'Two and a Half Men' Review: "Lan Mao Shi Zai Wuding Shang"

"Two and a Half Men's" 11th season has played out similarly to its first with Ashton Kutcher. The show struggled with the introduction of a new character — this time, Charlie's estranged daughter, Jenny (Amber Tamblyn) — and with the majority of the writers' attention focused on establishing a new persona, they lost track of what worked and didn't work with their veteran cast.
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'Parenthood' Recap: Goodbye to a Dear Friend

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The death of a dear friend took an emotional toll on Kristina (Monica Potter) on the second to last episode of "Parenthood" season five.

Sadness, however, paved the way for the Braverman’s charter school dreams to be fully realized.

Gwen's passing was heartbreaking, both for Kristina and the audience at home, but with the end of one chapter comes the beginning of a new one. She left Kristina with not one gift, but two: a wishing tree, and a check to help secure a location for her charter school. As the episode drew to a close, Kristina, shocked by Gwen's generosity, turned to Adam and told him they now have a name for their school.

They'll be naming it in honor of her late friend and guardian angel.
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