'Two and a Half Men' Review: "Lan Mao Shi Zai Wuding Shang"

"Two and a Half Men's" 11th season has played out similarly to its first with Ashton Kutcher. The show struggled with the introduction of a new character — this time, Charlie's estranged daughter, Jenny (Amber Tamblyn) — and with the majority of the writers' attention focused on establishing a new persona, they lost track of what worked and didn't work with their veteran cast.
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'Parenthood' Recap: Goodbye to a Dear Friend

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The death of a dear friend took an emotional toll on Kristina (Monica Potter) on the second to last episode of "Parenthood" season five.

Sadness, however, paved the way for the Braverman’s charter school dreams to be fully realized.

Gwen's passing was heartbreaking, both for Kristina and the audience at home, but with the end of one chapter comes the beginning of a new one. She left Kristina with not one gift, but two: a wishing tree, and a check to help secure a location for her charter school. As the episode drew to a close, Kristina, shocked by Gwen's generosity, turned to Adam and told him they now have a name for their school.

They'll be naming it in honor of her late friend and guardian angel.
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'Community' Recap: Can Greendale's Human Beings Avoid 'Eating Fresh'?

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Has the Save Greendale committee accomplished too much for its own good?

Call it a fast food fix!

Greendale Community College — once ranked "America's number two community college by GreendaleCommunityCollege.com" — was sold to Subway and the Save Greendale committee is no more. For now.
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'Parenthood' Recap: Julia Makes an Irreversible Decision

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Julia wasn’t ready to move on with Ed, but she hopped in bed with the newly appointed headmaster of Braverman Charter school on this week’s episode of "Parenthood."

As season five inches closer and closer to the April 17 finale, lines are being crossed and decisions are being made that will have long lasting consequences for Julia (Erika Christensen) and Joel (Sam Jaeger).

It was evident from his glances that Mr. Knight (Zachary Knighton) was crushing on Adam Braverman’s baby sister, but little could one have expected that the episode would conclude with their intimate rendezvous.

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'Cougar Town' Review: "We Stand a Chance"

Should tonight's season finale of "Cougar Town" double as its series finale, I will be incredibly sad. Not because the show has much story left to tell, but because its proven for five consecutive seasons that no other comedy on television can match the quality of its finales. Should "Cougar Town" conclude, it deserves the right to go out on its own terms, and I can't imagine that anyone involved in its production would be satisfied should "We Stand a Chance" have been its last hurrah.
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'How I Met Your Mother' Recap: The Story of How I Loved Aunt Robin

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The series finale of "How I Met Your Mother" gave Ted and Robin their happy ending.

The Mother? Not so much.

Hours before the big send-off, Vulture’s Jesse David Fox wrote about his experience re-watching the “How I Met Your Mother” pilot in anticipation of last night’s finale. As he pointed out, series finales often try and recreate the magic of episode one. In this instance, creators Craig Thomas and Carter Bays should have leaned as far away from their source material as possible.
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'Parenthood' Recap: Joel Pushes Julia Farther Away

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This week’s episode of "Parenthood" brought drastic and frustrating resolution to Joel and Julia’s marriage woes.

After weeks of dealing with an unresponsive spouse, Julia finally convinced Joel that it was necessary to discuss the stasis of their separation. Still convinced there was more to her relationship with Ed, he told his wife he wouldn’t feel comfortable reconciling anytime soon. Fed up and devastated, the episode closed with Julia meeting Ed, though the extent of their impending time together was not clear.
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'New Girl' Review: "Mars Landing"

Tonight came the inevitable "New Girl" breakup. For better or worse, Liz Meriwether and company have decided to end Nick and Jess' relationship as season three nears its finish.
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