‘Cougar Town’ Has Aged Like a Fine Wine


“Cougar Town” isn’t what it once was. I swear, I mean that in the nicest possible way.

In its basic cable era, the show has mellowed out nicely without ever lacking the warmth or zane of its earliest days. Tonight’s sixth and final premiere paid homage to the show’s roots, while hinting upon a year of monumental growth for much of the Cul de Sac Crew. Continue reading…

Exclusive: Kathleen Rose Perkins Contemplates Her ‘Episodic’ Strokes of Luck

© Photo credit: Ricky Middlesworth Photography

In the Matt LeBlanc-fronted “Episodes,” the real star is Kathleen Rose Perkins.

As Carol Rance, head of network programming at the fictitious, unnamed network that airs “Pucks,” the show within a show starring LeBlanc, Perkins portrays a high energy yes man who never seems to land a win. In season four of the Showtime satire (premiering Sunday at 10:30 p.m.), Carol comes no closer to landing her dream gig as head of the network. In fact, she’s passed over for another woman, Helen Bash (Andrea Savage), who may or may not have a bone to pick with her.

I spoke with Ms. Perkins earlier this afternoon about the season she calls the best one yet. “It’s… messier,” she told me. We also spoke about some of her recent film roles.

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Tongue-In-Cheek ‘Galavant’ is Only Mildly Amusing


Show: “Galavant”

Starring: Joshua Sasse (“Rogue”), Timothy Omundson (“Psych”), Vinnie Jones (“The Cape”), Mallory Jansen (“Young & Hungry”) and Luke Youngblood (“Community”).

Genre: Musical / Single-camera comedy

Premiere Date: Sunday, January 4, 8:00 p.m., ABC

Direct Competition: “Madam Secretary” (CBS), Sunday Night Football (NBC), “The Simpsons”/”Brooklyn Nine-Nine” (Fox)

Premise (in 140 characters or less): A once-celebrated hero must face the woman who broke his heart, as well as her new husband, the king.

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Video Playlist: Top 10 ‘SNL’ Segments – Fall 2014


Season 40 of “Saturday Night Live” has gotten off to a rather mediocre start. The hosts haven’t been a problem, but a lot of the writing has underwhelmed. It also says a lot about the state of “SNL” that most of the show’s most memorable bits this fall have been pre-taped, and the best sketch was cut at dress. The ratio of pre-taped bits to live sketches even has me changing the way I refer to any one particular clip, which for the purposes of this listicle, I’m referring to both pre-taped bits and live sketches as ‘segments’.

Without further ado, here are the 10 best segments from this fall’s episodes.

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