Larry David Continues Not to Announce Ninth Season of 'Curb Your Enthusiasm', But Here's a Trailer to His New Star-Studded HBO Film

Its been almost two years since the eighth season finale of "Curb Your Enthusiasm," and at this point, fans are getting restless. The wait between seasons has always been sporadic, but not having a new season on by this summer would make the wait between seasons eight and a potential ninth season the longest wait yet. Regardless of how we yearn for more "Curb," Larry David's in no rush to return.

This August, HBO will broadcast a star-studded film headlined by Larry David, "Clear History," with costars Jon Hamm, Bill Hader, Michael Keaton, Danny McBride, Eva Mendes, Kate Hudson, J.B. Smoove and Amy Ryan; Greg Mottola directs. I still want more "Curb," but this should hold us over for now. Still, a confirmation about the return or demise of the series would be nice. Any day now, Larry!

For more details about the film, head on over to Entertainment Weekly. See an exclusive sneak peak of "Clear History" after the jump!

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